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Growth through acquisition is only the right choice if a business buys the right business at the right price. Brandon helps you navigate through the process and ensure that critical mistakes are not made in the valuation, negotiating and term structuring initial phases of a transaction. Brandon also structures and performs due diligences bases on the size and risk factors to the business to be acquired. Typically, no one project is the same as the requirement for Brandon’s expertise varies from transaction to transaction. Key involvement includes:

Initial target feasibility analysis


Valuation of target business


Purchase/offer structuring


Negotiation coaching


Due diligence (customized to fit your transaction)


Closing assistance

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Reduced risk business acquisitons

Buying a business and growing through acquisition is a proven strategy to build your customer base, strengthen your market share and move into new markets. It is not without risk as over paying or buying the wrong business can be detrimental. Buy-side transaction support involves valuing a target, structuring the purchase, negotiating (directly or indirectly) conducting buyer’s due diligence and assisting with the buyer’s team to ensure the transaction closes. The role also involves assisting with securing financing and structuring the transaction from a standpoint that it makes sense from a cashflow perspective. I have assisting clients buy 100’s of businesses, whether the transaction and I rely upon a process to guarantee that the transaction closes based on favorable terms. Just like selling a business, strongly consider the expertise of someone who has done 100’s of transactions to ensure your success.
It is important to clarify, no one purchase is the same. CFO’s involvement with your acquisitions could span hours or weeks, contingent upon the size of the acquisition and the risks associated with the target business. No assignment is too small or too large. If you are planning to acquire a service contracting business, let’s discuss your strategy.

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