“Stay focused on the basic 101 fundamentals. Using football as an analogy learn how to “block and tackle” and keep doing it. When you throw “long forward passes” three things can happen. Two of them are not good. So, grind it our a few yards at a time and occasionally risk a long forward pass.”



This is the most comprehensive and best selling “how to” book ever written in the HVAC industry. First released in late January, 2007 it has been sold to thousands of contractors, distributors, alliances, vendors, associations conslolidators and manufacturers in many countries. Orders are processed daily. With 316 pages including 41 exhibits it has significantly helped in building and managing highly successful residential retail HVAC businesses and in providing the knowledge, tools and inspiration for contractors to dominate their market. Plus, Ron shares many real life experiences.

Jackie Rainwater, former contractor, now President of the Rainwater Group said “If you are going to read one book for growing a successful contracting company, inspiration and entertainment, then this has to be it. Ron is a legend in the industry!”

Edd Hill, President of the contracting company HVAC, Inc. said “In a concise and plain spoken manner Ron gives us a blueprint for building and managing a successful heating and air conditioning company. No owner or manager in our industry should be without a well read and dog eared copy of this book.”